Innovative Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae protection with Hyogen®, with proven PCV2 protection of Circovac® now Ready To Mix, in a single injection

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Hyogen® is now available in a larger format
200ml vial = 100 doses

Discover the benefits of dual protection in a single injection

  • Equivalent virological, immunological and pathological outcomes vs. separate administration of Circovac® and Hyogen®1
    • No significant difference in terms of body weight or average daily weight gain, percentage of Porcine Circovirus type 2 (PCV2)-positive pigs, histopathological scores or M. hyopneumoniae- compatible lung lesions when vaccines were combined or administered separately
  • Long-lasting duration of immunity, covering the whole finishing period
    • Dual protection against PCV2 and M. hyopneumoniae at 23 weeks of age, demonstrated in a study comparing the efficacy of Circovac® and Hyogen® administered separately or in combination
  • One bottle to protect 100 piglets against 2 major diseases
  • CEVA
  • A 2.5 mL dose/piglet
  • Ready to mix prior to administration
    • The mixture provides a homogeneous, smooth and stable suspension
    • Excellent mixability, viscosity and syringeability

DUOTM Mixing Instructions

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HYOGEN® with ImuvantTM, a unique innovation in M. hyopneumoniae protection

  • Indicated for the active immunization of fattening pigs from 3 weeks of age to reduce the occurrence and severity of lung lesions caused by Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae infection2
    • M. hyopneumoniae is considered one of the primary agents in the porcine respiratory disease complex3
    • M. hyopneumoniae is highly prevalent in swine-producing areas, causing major economic losses3
  • Contains a recent and specific antigen derived from a relevant circulating North American field strain (the 2940 strain)
  • Contains ImuvantTM with J5, an adjuvant that has been shown to effectively enhance antigen uptake and stimulate broad innate, humoral, and cell-mediated immunity4
  • Provides rapid onset of immunity (3 weeks)5
  • Offer a 26-week duration of immunity, providing lifelong protection to market pigs2
  • Assessed as most efficient M. hyopneumonia vaccine in reducing lung lesion scores in pigs in different surveys6,7

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CIRCOVAC® - Strong, long-lasting PCV2 protection8,9

  • Inactivated whole PCV2 virus vaccine combined with a potent adjuvant8
  • Induces a strong and effective humoral and cell-mediated response that:
    • Persists until the finishing period ends9
    • Leads to a reduction in viral replication (i.e., viremia) and excretion (i.e., shedding)10,11
  • Improves reproductive parameters, including number of live-born piglets12
  • Piglet vaccination with CIRCOVAC® boosts profitability13
    • Lower mortality rates
    • Improved average daily weight gain
    • Fewer underweight animals

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Please consult your veterinarian to determine if this product is suitable for your animals. Always read and follow the label directions.

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